Birthstone Circle Necklace

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Like an unearthed treasure, this rustic circle necklace is uniquely textured to have a well-loved, vintage feel. 

Throughout time the circle has represented infinite energy & connection. Let this organically shaped rustic circle necklace, made to look as though it’s seen many moons, carry you back to your open-hearted place of love & compassion - to the knowing that we are all one. 

Customize this necklace with your choice of birthstone or one of the additional gemstone options:
➣ January - Garnet
➣ February - Dark Amethyst
➣ March - Aquamarine
➣ April - Crystal Quartz
➣ May - Emerald
➣ June - Moonstone
➣ July - Ruby
➣ August - Peridot
➣ September - Blue Sapphire
➣ October - Pink Tourmaline
➣ November - Citrine
➣ December - Turquoise
➣ Lapis (dark blue)
➣ Apatite (ocean blue)

✦ Select your preferred length in the drop-down menu.
✦ Circle pendant is approximately 3/4".
✦ Gemstone of your choice is approximately 4mm.
✦ All metal is oxidized (darkened) & polished sterling silver.
✦ Spring Ring Clasp
✦ Perfect with the Birthstone Circle Earrings.

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